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Pork: smoker, then oven?

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I have a question about a possible technique: I have a pork loin roast, and I could smoke it or roast it in the oven. What if I did both?


Does anybody do this - put a pork loin on the smoker and give it a fast smoky run, deliberately too smoky and too short, then bring it in and finish it in the oven? Is that safe?  Does it trip the smoke detectors? (done that)

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If I recall, pork loins do not cook for very long, and need all the smoke time possible.  I would skip the oven IMO. 


Other tips: slice and stuff with apple (bear has a recipe), and wrap in bacon.  YUM.

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Stuff with apple, huh?






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Nice Stuff Pork Loin


Pan sear then into the smoker or oven works

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What about flipping that around, cooking it in the oven until nearly done then finishing in the smoker, does anyone do that?


I would guess that smoking first would give more time for the smoke flavor to sink into the meat.


BTW it's 32F outside now, so not the best weather for loitering around a smoker. At least there isn't much wind.

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One thing I left out, I skewered it to keep it rolled together through cooking.


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BW That looks good to me


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BW, #1, It don't get too cold to loiter around a smoker. #2, If you smoke a loin and oven cook the same loin, wouldn't it be way overdone? LOL. I don't put them in the oven. As Mummell said, it is not a very long cook anyway. The apple rolled one looks great. I want to stuff one and I'm trying to figure what to use. Maybe I'll try the apple.

Good luck, Joe
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