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What to perfect

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If you had to perfect one BBQ item for each category what would it be and why?
Other( anything you want it to be)
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Beef - Tri Tip Only made it once , good flavor a bit chewy

Pork - Chops I Threw them away and put BBQ sauce on an old shoe it was much better

Poultry - Turkey tried once it took to long and was afraid to try it because of a really long stall

Gonna smoke my first Salmon this weekend Hopefully I don't have to add it to the list !!

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I've been working on my rib recipe for years. I "think" I may have it now.

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Beef-rib or strip roast. Sick of brisket
Chicken- I'm extremely happy with simple spatched-smoked chicken.
Pork- Definitely Ribs. Pork butts and loins are awesome but pretty fool proof. Thanks to Disco's method I've dialed in ribs to where I can just about nail the texture every time, but it's still a work in progress.
Sauce- my brother makes and sells "Carolina pig polish" so why mess with perfection?
Other: Bbally's smoked lox. I've made it several times and it's far and away the best lox I've ever had.
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Beef - Brisket, it's my favorite item to smoke, but my leat favorite to eat.  Why perfect it then?  My family and guests love it!

Chicken - Brined and smoked whole bird.  Love the stuff!

Pork - Rolled and stuffed pork loin.  I do this a few times a year and it's great.  Always tweaking it.

Sauce - I use my Grandmother's sauce recipe and probably won't deviate much from that.

Other( anything you want it to be) - Barbacoa/lengua (whole beef head with tongue).  I've done this MANY MANY times, but it's always missing something!  I am trying to get it to the flavor I had as a child!  I have a feeling that the old timers added a few items I'm not aware of, so I may be perfecting this one for a long time to come!

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