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Hey Dan,


Naw, weather-smeather, I smoke even @ -5° although that can become an issue depending on equipment.  Using a MAK 2 Star here.  Have read others with issues sometimes use a welder's blanket for insulation, just make sure the airflow isn't blocked. Got to admit, having a wifi enabled rig sure does come in handy under these conditions :icon_wink:.



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Here are some Sam's locations in Indy. They also have Pics of what tri-tip is supposed to look like.

Indianapolis Club (#6304)

5805 Rockville Rd.


Indianapolis, IN 46224

(317) 248-3577

7.82 miles | See Map

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  • Indianapolis Club (#6316)

    3015 W 86Th St.


    Indianapolis, IN 46268

    (317) 871-7135

    10.79 miles | See Map

    View Only
  • Greenwood Club (#6325)

    1101 Windhorst Way.


    Greenwood, IN 46143

    (317) 889-2582

    11.45 miles | See Map

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  • Indianapolis Club (#6301)

    10859 E Washington St.


    Indianapolis, IN 46229

    (317) 897-2582

    12.13 miles | See Map

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  • Indianapolis Club (#8168)

    7235 E 96Th St.


    Indianapolis, IN 46250

    (317) 585-1619

    13.22 miles | See Map

    The fat content is really good as choice should be. I don't wrap when I cook tri-tips. 135* and pull and let it rest. Slice thinly against the grain, good bread or bun and sauce it and enjoy.

    Whole Beef Peeled Tri Tips (piece count varies by bag)

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