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275 gallon build

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I have built 2 smokers already. Starting on third one thought i knew a good bit till I came to this forum ! I am new to the fire box on the side. Was also wondering gas or no gas?
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If you are wanting to build an offset or RF smoker then it would be wood fired only. If you want a gas cooker with a smoke box that would be a different plan. You have to figure out what you want to build and there are a lot of people on here that can help. I always built gas cookers until I came on here and I just finished a RF smoker with the help of good people here.

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I'm going to put a fire box on the side . The ones I built before did not have one they had coal trays on the inside.
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Well If you want a true wood fired smoker I would go with a reverse flow. I just finished mine and it works good. If you want a gas burner and a smoke box I have done a lot of those. Gas smoker is easier to build and I see any difference in the flavor or the way they cook. However they don't burn very well in the day time due to air thickness and humidity. I came on here and got help with a reverse flow all wood burning and it runs perfect day or night. You just have to sit with it and add wood about every hour. The first photo is reverse flow wood smoker and the second is gas burners with a fire box on the side.  


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Thanks I seen some with holes in the metal so the heat can rise better. Like small holes at where the box is then get bigger as it goes across?
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If you are talking about the burners you can drill the same size hole up to about 5-0 after that it does help if  they are 1/16 bigger it depends on your gas inlet and venturi fresh air system and diameter of pipe There is a company in texas you can buy the venturis from and they can calculate where you need to start drilling . If you want to make a gas cooker I can get you the info and try to help you with your build or if you want to build an all wood fired cooker I can show you how I did mine and I am sure a lot of other people on here would help also. Just let me know and maybe post a pic of your tank and any work you have done on it.

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Ok thank you I will give you an update!
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