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I have never cooked to temp with ribs.  You're right, getting an accurate temp it pretty tough with that thin cut of meat.  Instead of the 3-2-1 or 3-2-2, just try without foiling once.  Go through the basics and just try no foil and see how you like it.  Then start changing or modifying your methodology.  You may find that you like more bark, or you may like it absolutely falling off the bone.  You have an MES, they produce a generally wet smoking environment anyway.  Plus, you aren't doing a 16 hour cook like you would on a pork butt.  Season them well, smoke um till you have the color and flavor you want, then cut the smoke and let them cook until tender.  Good thing with the MES is that we can control the smoke just by removing the tray or not adding chips.  You could even finish them in the oven once you have the desired smoke.  

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I am very new at the smoking thing but cooking to temp maybe difficult when tring to place a probe into the meat without poking thru or hitting a bone...ideas on a better way to check the temp...I haven't tried the built in probe or the old Maverick Redi chek ET-72 that I have.


As an aside...We ate some leftover ribs tonight and they were even better reheated.....  

 It's not that hard to get between the bones if you have a therm with a small tip, like a thermapen. Check the ribs at the meatiest part between the bones.


I like my ribs the next day cold. Awesome flavor cold, IMHO!


Seems like they are always better the next day, hot or cold.



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