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Tasty looking ribs! Next time cook a while longer or try wrapping half a rack like you were planning to see which you prefer.
I think you just needed a little more time but I have never foiled ribs.
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Definitely a great time cooking. As well as eating. And yeah they didn't hold a high enough temp for long enough to make them as tender as j wanted. But now I know for next time. Overall pretty happy with the turn out though
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Tasty looking stuff! Nice work!
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Originally Posted by CamG View Post

here's the cut into picture. Don't think they're as tender as I wanted but very good flavor


They look great CamG.


You said they weren't as tender as you'd like. Did you wrap them? If so, how long? If you went a full 2 hrs. you should definitely have fall-off-the-bone kind of tenderness. If that's not what you like then you just lower the amount of time they're wrapped. I like 1.5 hrs a lot (and that took a lot of tinkering)

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