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  Hi everyone!  I'm a former charter fishing captain from the eastern shore of MD.  I love to smoke fish, as well as ribs, chicken, turkey, wild game, and I love butt steaks.  I'm  an avid hunter and fisherman and love to make jerky and snack sticks.  I am interested in smoking venison bologna, pork belly, and cold smoking cheese, bacon, and fish in the future.  I moved to a Masterbuilt Electric smoker (MES 30) 2 yrs ago and love it for ease of operation.  I recently got a Cold smoke attachment for it and would love some info/tips on it as I haven't tried it yet.  I posted a thread in smoker accessories about it, any and all help would be appreciated!!!




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My other post was posted in smoking gadgets and tools, check it out plz!

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My mistake, I posted my other thread in Cold Smoking.

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