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Master Built Mod. 20051311 questions

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I'm a newbie so bare with me please.


I got a MasterBuilt Model 20051311 for Christmas :yahoo:.

always wanted a smoker but never pulled the trigger. My wife did it for me this Christmas.


The Tuesday after Christmas I did some ribs and the temp was way to high and I had to tend it for  4 hours finally propped open the bottom door about a inch. the ribs came out pretty good even with the problems I had.


Now for some back ground. I run my propane from a 100 gal  tank regulated to 11" to the house and a stub out behind the patio where I have my BBQ and smoker. I have run my Weber 6 burner S.S. BBQ for about 11 years straight off the stub out with no problems.


I went down to my pipe supply and got a adjustable Regulator now it wont get hot :icon_sad:.

I have a 16 mph wind and its 42 degrees out with a wind chill of 41. I made some wind blocks out of plywood and have the wind blocked on 3 sides.




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Where did you install the new regulator? Did you install it in the line at the smoker? If so, that would be feeding it with the 11" pressure and would not be enough input pressure for the new device to work.

Good Luck

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yes that is where I installed it right at the stub out in the back yard.

I haven't tried it straight out of the stub with the needle valve yet.

Ill give that a shot. Ill let you know how that comes out.


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A regulator has to have high pressure on the input side to work.

Good luck and watching for your success.

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I know its been awhile sorry it took so long.

I was down with a bug for almost a week.


I finial got back to the smoker I took the regulator out of the system.

I fired it up and got the smoker up to 400* according to the door in thermometer

and down to 150* buy adjusting the needle valve. which is the range I am looking for.


Now I'm off to Home Depot for some flashing to fabricate some wind brakes around the legs.


Thanks for all your help.



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Super good to hear you are in business. Now........get some meat in that beast and let us know how it works.

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