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I was against putting cheese in summer sausage until I tasted some. That is a nice smoker and a nice batch of sausage!!

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Thanks everyone! I started making sausage 6 years ago and have came a very long way since. I really enjoy it.
Got the smoker going for another long day.
The hot dogs or brats turn out way better than anything sold in the store. Imo. As long as you don't use hog casings. They can be very tough. the sheep casings help a lot but are a little harder to work with but not bad at all. I also tried 22mm collagen casings this year just to see how there gonna work for the hot dogs. I will find out later today and let everybody know. I do have a post about the smokehouse build but don't know how to share the link. I believe I called it new smokehouse build. I was the same way with the cheese but now put it in almost everything I make because everybody loves it.
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That's a pile of meat!

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That really looks great.

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Really nice there.

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Spicy beer brats and hot dogs are done. Taste amazing but they got away from me a little bit. This smokehouse cooks so much more evenly than what I used to have my internal temp got to 165 instead of 145 which I'm very mad at myself for. That's what happens when your doing 20 things at once
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Maple breakfast sausage is done
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I will pay more attention this time and get these right.
Garlic pepper and cheddar polish are going in now
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Took these out right around 150. Much better and the collagen casings worked very well. Will defenitly be doing that from now on. Now back to stuffing more for tomorrow
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 Do you have photos and or a how to on the wood smoker you built. Looks like you can hold a lot of sausage in there. I am looking at doing a smoke house

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If you search new smokehouse build the thread on the top is my build. Got More pictures of the smokehouse on that.
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Looks like quite the operation you have going there. How many pounds (or tons haha) are you making? What kind of equipment and how many helpers? I'm about shot after doing 50 lbs but I'm usually by myself. All of it looks good!
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All I can say is wow!!! I'm still working on just getting the hang of fresh sausage. Hope I'm that good in 6 years!!
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Snack sticks are ready for tomorrow.
I have 1 helper and do everything with a 1hp cabelas meat grinder. No stuffer and use a drill with a mud mixer for mixing in Rubbermaid tubs. The meat grinder is the workhorse and is worth its weight in gold. Have stuffed about 500lbs this year. My one question for everybody is how much better do stuffers work? Doing summer sausage with the grinder is fine but the more hot dogs, brats, snack sticks I do its pretty slow. Just not sure it's worth a grand for a decent stuffer
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IMHO, ya don't have to spend a grand for a decent stuffer... Especially if your doing all you are doing without a dedicated stuffer, wow ! I currently use this one... There are some great stuffers on the market right now, this is just the one I use...

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Now that's some serious sausage making, It all looks great  Thumbs Up           points1.png




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3 loads of these today and i should be done smoking. Getting to be a lot of work.
I've really been looking into an electric stuffer with a foot pedal just because of the ease of use. But that water one seems to work pretty good
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Wow awesome, that smoke house is pretty sweet.
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A smoking marathon! Way cool!



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Snack sticks are turning out fabulous
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