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Picnic Roast

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Started a smoke last night for a pulled pork dinner.  I am looking for a 202-205 degree target temp. 

I got a Pork Shoulder 8.39lbs @ $1.34/pound


I rubbed it down with a Bassi BBQ rub I make and decided to smoke on apple chips.

35 degrees outside

Smoker set to 225

7:30PM - smoker started, apple chips added

8:00PM – Picnic Roast place in the smoker, at 225 degrees

8:30PM – Added apple chips.

9:30PM – Added apple chips.

10:30PM – Added apple chips.

2:45 AM – Temp Alarm went off, smoker temp at 199 degrees.  Smoker was off.  Unplugged the smoker and plugged it back to regain power.  I think the extension cord is not making a proper connection.

9:00 AM – Insert the temp probe.  Internal temperature 178 degrees


10:00 AM – Internal temperature 185 degrees

11:00 AM – Internal temperature 189 IT


I'll post some pics of the finished roast. 

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I continued threw the afternoon and pulled it out at 4PM


12:30 PM – Internal temperature 194 IT

1:00 PM – Internal temperature 196 IT

1:30 PM – Internal temperature 198 IT

2:00 PM – Internal temperature 198 IT

2:30 PM – Internal temperature 199 IT

3:30 PM – Internal temperature 201 IT

4:00 PM – Internal temperature 202 IT


Right before i pulled it out of the smoker.


A couple minute rest before I pull it.

And finally it pulled. 

It was served up with some homemade BBQ sauce, and coleslaw. 

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That sure enough looks like pulled pork.


How long was your rest, and did you wrap it for the rest?

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I let it rest for about 15 minutes.  Mostly because I find it too hot to pull.  I use to kitchen forks, I do not have bear paws.  I also did not wrap it. 

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Nice picnic!  points


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C, Nice job on the picnic !

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