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New to smoking meats

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My new wife got me a smoker, MES 30 and a bag of Jack Daniel's, for Christmas.   No past experience with smoking but I have done a fair amount of cooking. Her gEttinger me this had to do with me consuming mass quantities of jerky.  So on the list to be done, is beef jerky.  There were a few easy recipies I found here.  I plan on doing a pork loin later as well.

Do you leave your smoker outside?  It would seem if it were convenient to use, it might get used more often.  As it is, I have it stored down in the basement.  On the other hand, my Weber grill doesn't get much use either and it'S out in the elements 27/7.

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Two hormel plain 1.5 pound pork loins, lemon pepper on one, sister's pork rub on the other, 2 hours in the smoker with jack d chips, 145 degrees internal. Perfect. At least I think so.
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Welcome to the board! Post if you survive!

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Hello John.

Forst let me say WELCOME ! We are happy you are here.

Now to answer your question. 


Leave it outside. 


Never operate your Masterbuilt in the house.  And I advise not to store it in the basement. The master built generates a lot of smoke.  Even if your just storing it down in the basement after its cooled off, it will smell.


So push that Weber over just a bit and make room for your new unit.... OUTSIDE where its nice and safe to operate and it won't stink up your basement.  

Master built makes a nice cover to protect it out there. 

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