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Ham cure time?

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I butchered my own hogs and this is 2nd year I am curing and smoking my own hams and bacons. Last year I only left them in brine for 3 days but from what I'm reading here it doesn't sound like enough, but they turned out good last year. Injected hams to 25% and brine is with #1 pink cure,salt brown sugar, andaple syrup. Any thoughts?
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Depends on the type of cure that you are doing. Take a look at this recipe. It requires a ham to be cured for 3-4 weeks. Your three day cure I guess would be fine if you hot smoked the hams and they went from an internal temp of 40-140 in four hours or less, and you took them to a final IT of at least 145.
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Does injecting the ham change cure time by chance?
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It can, but not to 3 days. Really depends on the thickness of the meat.
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