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Smoker temp

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First time smoker here. I built a propane fired smoker out of a small propane bottle. I have had the temp up to 450 for several hours seasoning the smoker before I use it for the first time. I have 3 five lb pork buts in it now and can only get temp up to 220. Is this because of the cold meat inside? Thanks for the help.
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Update on above issue. My smoker is 14 across. My wood chip box is a few inches over the propane flame. Then my water/drip pan above that. The drip pan is almost as big around as my smoker. Below the drip pan the temp is 400 plus. Only 220 above it where the meet is. The problem is the meet is starting to burn on the edges that the drip pan is not blocking the heat. What can I do different? Thanks.
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Pictures of you setup would help everyone see how it's configured.  Then we can chime in and make suggestions.  We all love to chime.......LOL!

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