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When I make the heat shield/air gap under the burner do I need to go all the way across the bottom or just under the burner.
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You are trying to block the radiant heat from the burner...

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I made a little more progress on the smoker today. Smoke stack in and controller box mounted. Soon as it gets warm enough i will get the whole thing painted.
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Finally getting some where on the smoker. Just have to get shelves and drip pan and I'm ready to fire it up.
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Ok so I'm really close to starting this up. I'm new to all of this. How much smoke is to much ? If something tells me to smoke for one hour at what ever temp how much smoke do I put into it ? I can control the amount of smoke that goes through my smoke generator. Do I just leave it wide open ? I don't want the smoke to over power the food.
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Do you have a video of the smoke generator? I'm Hi I?ring but I went a different way, just curious to see yours in progress.
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For the smoke generator in operation, click on the link.....


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Sorry I can't figure out how to put my video on here. But here is a pic
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To the right of the box you clicked to put up your picture is a box to install a video...


The forum would like it installed as "EMBEDED"....

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So I just got a great fridge I think a 1943 General Electric is what it is. Any way I'm going to be staying it here very shortly as soon as the temp comes down a little bit.

My question right now is, is 1/2 pipe big enough diameter for the smoke generator?
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For the tube going into the fridge I would say 1".
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I finally got my Pid controller hooked up. It's a Rex C100. Anyone have one that knows how to use it. I can't get it to change Fahrenheit. Also after I started it I had smoke from the paint burning off the inside. Is this normal for the first start up ? Do I just let it go until its done smoking.
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Alot of the smoker builds I've seen have bare metal on the inside. Awesome build though!
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Thought insulation and everything was good. When I fired up the burner it started smoking. I thought the smoke was the paint burning but it turned out to be more. I guess it pays to tear them all apart right away. That was smoldering like that overnight.
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