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Questions about Beef Jerky

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Hello everyone,

Hope everyone is having a nice New Years Eve day!


I am going to try and make beef jerky for the first time tomorrow using a beef jerky crafting kit that was given to me as a gift for Christmas. Instructions state that all I need is the meat, everything else needed is included in the kit. Talks about the kind of cut/meet needed (I purchased top round already sliced into 1/4), put the marinade or my choice of seasoning included in the kit for minimum or 3 hours then turn oven up to 225 degrees, leave the oven door open and check every 30 minutes.


My question is regarding bacteria and all that nasty stuff. I am not worried about that because the oven will be at 225 but my question is, should I bring the beef cuts up to 160 by boiling them first before I start the dehydration process?? or is this only when dehydrating at lower temps (140-170 range)?


In input helps!





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Since you are using a kit, follow the direction that are provided with the kit.
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Do not boil the meat. LIke DS said follow the instruction with the kit

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It is perfectly safe if in the first hour the meat hits 160°F, non hard with 1/4" thickness. After that any temp that dehydrates is fine. The salt, Cure and reduced moisture inhibits bacteria...JJ

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