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Whole Chicken and Kielbasa together

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Hello all,

Whole Chicken and Kielbasa together and was wondering the best wood combo for the job. I'm thinking Cherry with a touch of Hickory? What are your thoughts?

Also, timing and temp thoughts... my thoughts are at around 250 for 2.5 hours for the 4+lb bird and throw the kielbasa on the last 40 minutes. I was also going to use Jim Bean Black Cherry bourbon in my drip tray for added flavor

CA anyone suggest an alternate idea or thoughts....I'm new to this and it's exciting just to consider every else's expertise in this area.

Thank you and Happy New Years
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Sounds like you have a good plan. If the kielbasa is already cooked all you're doing is reheating it and adding a bit more smoke flavor to it so 45min- 1 hour should be fine.

You want to cook your bird to an internal temp of 165 (thigh or breast). At 225 I'd figure 2 1/2-3 hours plus 30 minutes added for resting the bird prior to carving.

If it was me I'd spatchcock the bird. It allows the bird to lay flat and cook evenly. I spatchcock 99% of the chickens I smoke.

Don't be surprised if the skin on your bird is rubbery. It takes higher temps (325-350) to crisp the skin. Air drying helps. A good 8 hours uncovered in the fridge is best.

If you can't get higher temps pull the bird when the IT is 150 and finish in a 425 degree oven.

For woods on poultry I like cherry, peach, Apple, hickory, kiawe, alder or a mixture of any of them.
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Unless you are making a gravy with the drippings, don't waste the JB. It will add zero flavor...JJ

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