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New Years Eve Baby Backs with Qview

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I'm going to throw some baby backs on the smoker for the wife and I for New Years Eve dinner.  This is my first time documenting a smoke of mine, so bear with me.  


I started the ribs off with a wet brine last night.  I got the brine from another post on here, but can't find the link back.  Brine Ingredients below.  I left the ribs in the brine overnight in the fridge.  


- 1 qt apple juice

- 2 tbsp minced garlic

- 1/4 cup table salt

- 10 turns ground black pepper

- 10 turns ground white pepper


I only had black pepper, so I just used 20 turns of that. 


This morning I pulled the ribs out of the brine, patted dry, and then applied my rub.  The rub I used is Brucken Foods Rib and Chicken Rub that I picked up at the local grocery store, but a rub of your choice will work.  



I placed the ribs back in the fridge for a couple hours, and plan to start my smoke around noon.  Time for some football, beer and BBQ.  Doesn't get better than that.  


I'll post more pics as time goes along. 

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Got the ribs on the smoker after messing with my temps for a few.  Got a new remington/maverick 732 thermometer from and had a little trouble figuring it out.  No worries, nothing wrong with the thermometer, I just need to read the directions lol. 


Got the smoker going good now, and temp is holding between 200-225.  Going to try out the 2-2-1 method and see how it goes. 



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It's been a cold windy day in Ohio and not the greatest for my smoker. Have had trouble holding temp after I took the ribs out of the wrap for the last hour. Might be more like a 2-2-3. But the ribs looked great when I took them out of the wrap.

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Mmmmmm those were good!

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Look at that smoke ring.

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Great job, those look great. I'm intrigued about the brine, I've never brined ribs before.
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Thanks. They were very good. I wish I cooked them a bit longer, but ran out of time. I would've just liked a little more tender but flavor was spot on
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Looks tasty!
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looks awesome. I'll be doing the same thing with a brown sugar dry rub and sweet bbq sauce sunday for some football.

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Can you send me your sauce recipe? This was the first time I made my own sauce and it was okay, but not as sweet as I wanted.
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Nice Ribs! Thanks for sharing with us.



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They look great to me! Nice ribs, MK.



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