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Looks great Case, I've almost got myself talked into ordering the expanding tube today or tomorrow... So sounds like ya are happy with it ? Just done 8 lbs with some pitmaster dust last weekend... That was a sub zero smoke... But today we hit 1* ! yahoo.gif

Here I am complaining about checking the pit when it's 40 degrees! I guess that's a bit balmy compared to where you folks are!

Haha, no prob CB we kinda come to expect it around here... We usually hit a few spells during winter that'll get us in the -20* area ! It was -17* this morning & supposed to get a bit colder tonite then start gradually warming up... The cold & winter storms are usually the worse we have to deal with, so it's not too bad.

You all have the humidity (which I would personally struggle with) to deal with I am assuming ! As well as the other weather ya get....I heard you all are getting some flooding in your area... Hope you all stay safe & have a Happy New Year !