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Recommendations for first sausage

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It's time to make some sausage.  Santa left me an all stainless grinder attachment for the Kitchen Aid mixer. 


What type of sausage would a good one to try on my first go around?  Any recipe suggestions? 


Where to purchase casings and supplies?   I am considering a small Vivo stuffer. 


All this reading and research is making me hungry!!


Thanks in advance for your comments,


Happy New Year!!





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Nice Grinder I had the other KA Grinder it was okay for small grinds.For sausage check the sausage area,it is alot of reading some have recipes.My Italian has


Here is a fresh Kielbasi


Chicken Sausage


Have fun with it remember to use cure for any of them you want to smoke


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I use Butchers & Packers. Full product range, online ordering, fast delivery, fair prices.


LOL.... go figure!


Second part, I highly recommend you do chicken sausages first. Meat is the cheapest to practice with, readily available and it makes you pay specific attention to the meat temperature which is extremely important in making sausages.


If you use the same device for both grinding and stuffing, re-chill/freeze it between stages. Cold is important!


Lastly, I highly recommend using Pop's breakfast sausage recipe from here and make a small batch. It WILL be good, its about the only sausage everyone here on the boards agrees on.


Richie has some good sausages, there are load's of great recipes on the boards.


Good luck and don't get all anal about your first couple a runs, its just getting familar with the equip and safety practices.


Have fun. They did tell you its addictive right? Good to go and meet you butcher personally....LOL

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RG,  Another good company is the Sausagemaker company  with free shipping with a 49 dollar purchase. P& S seasoning also is good. Eldon Cutlips book on sausage has great recipes if you want to make your own mix. Rytek Kutas book is also invaluable to the new sausage maker. Good luck in your sausage making  and have fun !

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All great advice thus far, but I will add one thing... If you have questions, just go to the sausage section and ask. We love to help and love to see pics of your creations!

welcome1.gif To the madness! You'll love what you create.
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