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First Fatties!!

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Thanks to everyone who helped answer my initial questions about tailgating with fatties.  My intention was to make a couple fatties for a football tailgate I planned to attend, but didn't end up going to.  Anyways, I made my first 2 fatties back in November and am just now getting my pics off my phone and onto the computer.  Here are some pics of my first attempt.  They were GREAT!  I'll be doing more next month, and am currently thawing this batch's leftovers (*gasp*) for use tomorrow.


I made a breakfast fatty and a pizza fatty.  I didn't take any pics of the pizza fatty, but here are pics of the breakfast fatty:



The breakfast fatty had scrambled eggs, herb cream cheese, crispy hash browns, sauteed onions and green peppers, red wine sauteed mushrooms.



These were placed inside Jimmy Dean breakfast sausage rolled out flat using the ziploc bag method



Then my first ever bacon weave



Both fattys went into the smoker for about 4 hours if I remember correctly



After smoking I put them in the oven to crisp up the bacon (all techniques I used I learned from hours of excruciating research on this site) :)




They came out beautiful, sliced beautiful and I finished the breakfast fattys with sausage gravy on top (it didn't need it and I ended up preferring not to put it on all but the first slice).


Thanks to everyone for imparting their wisdom and experiences on this site.  I had a blast smoking my first fattys!

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Looks good from here

Your hooked now!!!
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They do look great! I haven't smoked a fatty yet but I think you may have just given me some incentive to do a couple this weekend.

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Nice belated "Tailgatin with Fatties" pics. Best thing about making them and not tailgaiting is, more fattage for you!

"all techniques I used I learned from hours of excruciating research on this site"

And you loved every minute of it... LOL!


Good job on the fatties - smokem if you gotem.

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PI , nice looking fatty !

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