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Coffee, Wood, Metal and Food Monger Here...

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Hello Y'all,

After smoking with a Brinkman on and off for 10 years I bought a MasterForge Electric last year..

Love the ease but hate the lack of smoke flavor..


Looking to buy my last smoker...


I'm a retired Machinist

Current hobbies are photography, coffee roasting, metal and wood working..

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Welcome to the site RB.


There are a lot of folks here with electric smokers.  I am sure that some of them would be happy to help you out with advise.


It would probably be worth yout effort to post up a question or two on the electric smoker page.

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I'm looking to ditch the electric :)


I have a Dyna-glo 43" LPG coming Thursday but seriously thinking about sending it back through Amazon Prime and buying a OK Joe offset from Lowes..


I read some reviews about people using 2/3 of a tank of gas to smoke one pork butt..


I love the ease of the electric and I guess the gas but wondering would I be more happy with the flavor of the offset vs the ease of using gas and a little less flavor..


I know it's a tough question but not sure where to post :)


If I post in charcoal or gas forum each maybe bias...


Thanks foe the nice forum in advance :)

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If you are buying a smoker for the best taste and not for the best deal, most available smoke or the easiest to use, an offset is the way to go. I don't know you can beat the flavor of a meat product cooked over wood.


Doh!! Its the Roll Call...LOL


Welcome to the boards and I hope you enjoy your time here.

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