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over and under old country boys smoker!

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Have been smoking/ bbq'n for years now! Have used old smokeys, kingsford charcoal grills,masterbuilt propane smoker, and even grates suspended on brick or rocks!
Recently purchased a over under old contry boys smoker from academy! Will be seasoning tomarrow 2 days prior to new years eve bash with the family! I'm going to use this grill, stock it full of charcoal, and add 50/50 mixes of pecan and hickory chunks as the night progresses. The only question I have is, has any one filled the fire box and what Temps where achieved???
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Welcome to the site Ernest.  Sorry that I don't have an answer for you but I'm happy to give your post a bump.  Maybe someone will pop up with the answer.

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I have an Old Country BBQ Over & Under smoker that I got in October. I did my burn in & season, & the fire grate warped. I got mine to 350-375 using charcoal & oak for about 3 hours to burn off the oils and crud from the manufacturing. Then I seasoned it with safflower oil & fired her up again.

Here's the link to my first cook on her:

As I mentioned, the fire grate warped badly, which I credit to a bad design. I tried to straighten it & weld some reinforcement angle on the bottom but it was too warped. So I made a new fire grate using expanded metal & angle iron. Made a world of diference. Here's the link to that post:

I also went to lump charcoal due to the large amount of ash the Kingsford & Stubbs briquettes were producing. I'm using oak or pecan mainly, & some mesquite occassionally since its plentiful out here in West Texas.
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