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Smoker advise

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Wow lots of good info here. I'm looking at buying another smoker. I have a traeger grill that I do a lot of smoking on, but I can't get the temps low enough to smoke sausage. What I'm looking for is a smoker to do primarily summer sausage and links. From reading on here I have a few questions. I would like to just set it and let it go, but I also want to use real chips. Don't know if that's reasonable option to smoke at lower temps and still get the desired smoke.

What I'm wanting to make is small batches. 10 lbs or so, not sure if I will be using bigger casing or smaller yet.

Electric or propane, what is better?

And is it possible to use a smaller smoker like the master built and get the smoke I need with chips?

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The MES, as is, will not make smoke with chips below 180°F. If you Must use chips, Masterbuilt's Cold Smoke Attachment is an option, know it can be finicky with larger chips, but an AMNPS with Pellets is a lot cheaper.


As Gasser is an option, but will require modification with a needle valve to get low enough to do sausage. You may need a Cast Iron Pan to burn the chips effectively


I have used the Gen 1 MES40 and AMNPS for 5 years on sausage and hot smoked meats with no issue...JJ 

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Thanks, that's good advise. Can I do the same thing with either sawdust or wood chips. Or are the pellets needed to get the continuos smoke.
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I have a propane smoker that I use for making sausage, jerky, etc. As mentioned I had to add a needle valve to get the temps low. I do not use chips, I use the AMNTS pellet tube smokers from Amaze N Smokers to get my smoke. I haven't used chips in years. They don't last long and you have to refill all the time. The AMNTS depending on size lasts 6-8 hours.

With the needle valve I can set my propane smoker to run as low as about 130, or as high as 500+ (my therm doesn't go any higher). At the lower temps I still need to babysit the smoker quite q bit, especially if it is windy. Since I use a temp step method when doing jerky and sausage I have to tend to the smoker at least every hour. My process starts @130, then I jump the temp 10 degrees every hour until the smoker temp hits 180. I don't go higher to avoid rendering the fat. Tha smoker stays at 180 until I get the proper IT in the sausage or the texture I want for jerky.

With the gas smoker this process is not easy and I have to tend to the smoker. I will be getting away from the gas and going with electric. Mine will be homemade and will use a PID controller so I can program the the temp steps. I'm not an electrician or software engineer so I will be using a plug n play PID from Auberins. I will still use my pellet tube smokers for smoke.
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If you have the option for electric, I'd go with that, Swagler.Like DS says, you have to jump through some hoops for low temps, which I do because of home wiring shortcomings.
An AMNTS is the way to go for smoke. I like my mailbox..

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All good advice, To add mine, I would also recommend the MES 30 for what you need, very good price for a very good smoker. They are still in the $150 range on Again, for the heat issue you can use the cold smoker attachment wich is really cheap and made to fit. At your elevation you could use the AMNPS maze smoker, and you can certainly use the fine chips/ dust in that if you like.

IMHO since I switched to the AMNTS with pellets I have been a lot happier with the taste of the smoke flavor compared to when I was using the chips of the same type of wood. For what ever reason I feel (and others have started posts about this too) that the pellets produce a better wood flavor, where the chips in a pan produce more of a "smoke" flavor (bitter). So if you are just mainly wanting to try it to try something different than your Treager pellets, know that the AMNTS and AMNPS do produce a different flavor from the same pellets simply because in the AMNPS they are heated with actual fire instead of electricity.



Originally Posted by Swagler View Post

Thanks, that's good advise. Can I do the same thing with either sawdust or wood chips. Or are the pellets needed to get the continuos smoke.


:As mentioned above, you can use sawdust in the AMNPS

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