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Why cure if hot smoking?

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Hi all, I've been seeing recipes where people are hot smoking and using curing salt. I understand if they are curing for over a week but say brining 4 days or under. If I hot smoke and refrigerate and consume in less than a week is there a reason to use cure? I realize it will not technically be bacon because of cure and color but I've done this in the past and tasted great.
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I have actually been known for doing a quick, sometimes partial cure, then hot smoking. Seems it was just a quest for something different in flavor and/or finished texture. I remember doing chicken wings once or twice that way...a bit chewier with a hammy flavor. I'd have to go way back in time and check my threads to see if I tried anything else, like chops. Playing with Tender Quick makes experiments like these so easy, it's difficult to not be tempted, eventually....:biggrin:




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Eric makes a good point.  You will find that many on the forum will do a semi or under-cure, then hot smoke.  It would primarily be done for flavor and used similarly to a rub or marinade.  There are a few of us though who do a full cure in order to be able to cold smoke for extended amounts of time in order to reach the desired flavor profile.



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Providing you continue to treat the meat/fish as fresh produce and handle it accordingly there is no reason to cure before hot smoking unless you are looking for a specific texture or taste.

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Thanks guys, just wanted to be sure. I know I'll go the distance into curing at some point but I'm happy with the results for now.

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How long approximately will raw belly stay fresh refrigerated, no added seasonings?

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3-4 days in the family refer, opened frequently, 5-6 days in a Beer/little used Refer...JJ

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