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18.5 hr Brisket

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Started with 16.20lb brisket from GFS

Had it in freezer, needed to use and free up some space in freezers (gotta keep the warden happy).
Trimmed 2.9lb of fat

Rubbed w/salt & pepper only, 60%pepper/40%salt rub.

In smoker 6:30am, this is 8:30am

Pulled it at 1:00am, IT temp was 197*, placed in pan & covered with heavy foil tight seal. Placed in house oven (off, no heat) to rest while I slept. 7 hrs later this was finished product.


Used pecan pellets the 1st tray, 2nd tray had apple, cherry, corn Cobb mix. No injections, no water or broth in pan in smoker, only salt & pepper rub. Tried to maintain 225*-250* (factory therm is off 50*).
Came out very tasty, everyone liked it. Also, made some chili out of it.

Used foams recipe as a base, no beans but did add green chiles & Serrano and chipotle powder both, was out of ancho.
Cooked down with couple bowls out of it, very good...
Enjoy & good luck!!
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Very nice brisket! b

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Nice looking brisket!
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Glad to see this thread.  I bought a brisket at GFS yesterday for my first attempt.  I looked at numerous places, but GFS is the only place I could find it in Nashville on Christmas weekend.  I have bought numerous butts and baby backs from GFS and have always been happy with the outcome.  I now feel better about the brisket purchase after reading this.

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