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Christmas Eve Ham

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New here but would like to share a recipe we made up and have been using for some time now.  The ham is from a nice buck shot during Missouri rifle this year.  It was aged a week in the garage fridge then vacuumed sealed and frozen.  I smoked it to medium rare because family was here or I would have taken it off when rare.   We put several slices vertically in the ham but not completely through.  Each is stuffed with a garlic clove, rosemary, and fatty bacon.  The ham is then covered with the rest of the bacon.  This one smoked at about 150 for five hours then I bumped it up to about 175-200 to finish it.  People were making funny noises when they ate it and swarmed on it with a saltshaker around noon Christmas so it was a success.  Made a good beef stew later and there was enough for one more meal.  We save the bacon of other meals.


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Looks great! Nice smoke!
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