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Another newbie

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Hello all - Got a Cajun Injector smoker for Christmas. Can't wait to try it out. Ice and snow here, so it's going to be a little while. Also got Jeff's book, so I should be ready to go. I think the first smoke will be wings and ABT'S.
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Welcome to SMF!

   I believe that the cajun injector smoker is just like the masterbuilt electric smoker .

 If so the unit will not achieve high enough temps to crisp the skin on the wings.

You will either need to put them on a hot grill or in the oven under a broiler or my favorite.

Flash fry them at 375 degrees for 2 - 3 min. smo - fry wings are the best.

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Thanks. I was reading about that in Jeff's book, too. A lot to learn. I am looking forward to it.
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