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Hey all. Jay from Houston tx. New smoker for christmas. Masterbuilt electric smoker. I have smoked in the past with roughly the same smoker. I want to start doing more brisket and Turkey.
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The mes works great for brisket  and turkey. i'm more partial to fried turkey so very seldom smoke one.

   If you get the AMNPS pellet smoker to go with your MES you can smoke a brisket overnight while getting some sleep.

get the mes up to 250 degrees and get the amnps fired up and smoking. place whole brisket in MES around 5pm and close the door. i go out at 10 pm and lower temp to 225 degrees and go to bed. wake up at 6 am have my coffee and go outside and pull perfectly done brisket out of MES. The AMNPS will give you 8 - 10 hrs of perfect smoke.which is plenty.

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