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Another Newbie Here

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Hey all, Billy from Texas here.

Just got this new smoker from my brother in law. I have a char griller duo grill with gas on one side and charcoal on the other side. The smoker attaches to the charcoal side.

I grew up watching my grandpa throw wood in his smoker and have the meat in the grill itself. This how I plan on smoking too.

Hope to read some good tips and tricks here. Merry Christmas to all.
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Welcome to SMF!

  The chargriller is a good unit but it usually requires a few modifications to make it function well.

 You can search SFB modifications on the site and all of them will come up.

 That unit is not designed to be a true stick burner (log splits)

it is designed to use charcoal and you can use wood chunks for flavor.

 Like i said . read up on it on the site and Good Smoking.

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Have the same one for three years works fine but you gotta put some mods on it. Use the search bar to see what's on the site. There is also a Chargriller forum you should join , we will be happy to help ya. Or you can send me a pm and I will give you all the help I can.
Happy Smokin.
Lemans ( Joel)
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