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My MES 40 died

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I watched my Maverick ET-732 go from 220 down to 180.  When I went to go inspect, the control panel was blank. I thought it was my extension cord, so I rolled it over to the outlet, still blank... Fired up the kettle and kept it pushing throughout the night.  I last used my MES in Oct for ribs, no problem... wtf1.gifIt was the 2nd gen MES40 from Lowes. Can we have a moment of silence?........ cheers.gif

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Figure out what went wrong and contact Masterbuilt. They frequently replace out of warranty parts N/C or with a good deal...JJ

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If you decide to scrap it, let me know. I'm local.


 I think you should fix it. Wheither with parts from Masterbuilt or aftermarket methods. All cheaper than new smoker.

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That sucks, my MES 30 has died several times. On mine, first the element burned out, and then the connections to the element went bad. I have since replaced the element and soldered the connections.


If it is past warranty the parts are fairly inexpensive, and the unit is pretty easy to take apart and repair. Let us know if we can help.


Good luck.

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Yup to all the above.   The only time to consider a different smoker is if you want a bigger one.  Otherwise working on these MES's is pretty easy. 

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I'm thinking the control panel went out... If it was the element, would I still get some type of display from the control panel?

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I told my girl I want a reverse flow to replace my MES... "why can't you repair this one?"  damn :hit:

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Go girl !!

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Repair the MES and get a RF!  :sausage:

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Control panel would be my guess as well.

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Hats off to Masterbuilt.  Was doing a pork loin 2 weeks ago.  Everything went fine for the 1st 2 hours, then my Maverick ET-733 alarm went off.  Temp 200 and falling.  Checked the display on smoker and read 300 and of course element not on.  Finished off on grill.  Called Masterbuilt and even though it's 2 years old they sent me a new control module for free.  Sometimes customer service does still exist!!  Thank you Masterbuilt.

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Awesome customer service. That's why I will buy Masterbuilt.

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I sold a MES 40 to a friend of mine about 2 years after I bought it, & after he used it for a year the element burned out. He called MB & they said the element couldn't be replaced in the model he had. They told him if he mailed them the original receipt they would send him a brand new smoker. I found the receipt & they sent him a smoker. In my opinion something like that is just unheard of. Unbelievable customer service.



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