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Brisket for Christmas eve

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First of all to start Merry Christmas.


I smoked a brisket today came out a little dry but what is weird is the bottom got burnt. I think because I wrapped it it cause this. What I could use is a better way to cook it with ot burning. I got the dry part cook les time. I pulled it at 200 degrees internal temp. Thanks every one enjoy your holidays

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What type of smoker do you have?  I'm not sure what would cause burnt, serious bark yes but not burnt.  I would recommend the toothpick test along with internal temp.  Each brisket is different.  When the toothpick slides in like butter, your brisket is done.  Sorry this one didn't turn out to your liking.

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Well well charred would be ok to use as term. I have the Browning Egg (Ceramic) In the future I plan on a offset burner so i can keep building the heat. Today the thing has been set at 250 for over 8 hours I like that and the meatloaf rocked. I discovered not a lot of fat in the meat mase dry. Any ideas is well appreciated

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Looks like a nice grill, assuming you had it set up for indirect heat it is possible you just got a bad/dry piece of brisket.  Sorry I can't give you something more definitive.

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I have the lava stone between the fire and food

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