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Salmon on offer at Tesco

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Until the New Year Tesco have whole salmon on offer at £5 / Kg

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It's a good offer.  It is cheaper buying a whole salmon and having it filleted, than buying  individual fillets.  The fishmonger weighed out a couple of fillets and it was £16.00, where a whole salmon of approximately the same weight cost me a tenner.

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Paying for the fishmongers service to do the work for you. Costco also sell whole Salmon, which is cheaper than two fillets.
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The fishmonger in our Tesco will also fillet them for you at no additional charge if that is what you want. For the cold smoked salmon though I just want them split (rather than filleted) and so the whole salmon works well for me.


Next time I buy some I will weigh them before and after splitting to see what the price works out per Kilo once the head and backbone has been removed.

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My local tesco doesnt have a fishmonger so to speak. If they do i keep missing them. Usually end up with a young lad or girl trying not to puke when handling a whole salmon... i once asked if they could fillet the salmon and they nearly fainted! If i get a salmon filleted i always ask for the bones back. Not just for stock but use a spoon to scrape the bones and you would be able to clean them off completely and have a good couple of dessertspoonfuls of salmon for some pasta.
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