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Smoked standing rib eye roast

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This is will be my first attempt at smoking a rib eye roast in a smoker and have a few questions-


1) It will be a 13 lbs bone in rib eye roast that was seperated an retied to the bone, and will be using cherry (maybe a few apple chunks) at 225 F, would it be safe to say 20 mins per lbs or 260 mins to get to 125-130 F?


2) I read I should not smoke it constantly would the first 2 hrs be enough or should I go for 3 hrs of smoke then heat thereafter?


3) Is 125-130 F a good target temp then let it rest with foil tented over it to get to med-rare?


4) Do you folks season and wrap it 24 hrs prior to smoking or season it prior to smoking (will be using EVO, salt/pepper, onion and garlic powder)?


Thanks dor taking the time to answer and have a Merry Christmas!

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When cooking a rib roast the time has more to do with the thickness not the weight. The roast I just did which was a 3 rib roast took 2-2 1/2 hours at 325. At your lower temp I would plan on 3-4 hours and include time for a 30-45 min rest after.

I run smoke the entire time. Beef is a dense meat and it can take the smoke. I prefer to use cherry or a mix of cherry and pecan for beef. Time wise you'll be close to only 3-4 hours total cook time.

For medium rare I would pull it at 125. Wrap in foil and let rest a good 45 minutes then slice.

For seasoning I would untie the bones. Season the entire roast (I used salt, pepper, garlic, onion and fresh rosemary the last time). I'd skip the oil no need for it. The seasonings will stick just fine without it. Put the bones back on. I season right before I put it in the smoker.

I'd make a batch of this. We sub a good stout or porter beer for the wine:
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Thanks for the tips dirtsailor!

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Below is one of my favorite Step by Steps. It explains the whole process. Prime Rib is one of the easiest things to smoke, with the biggest reward.


Tip, Keep your smoker below 250° to make it even doneness from Bark to Bark:


Smoked Prime Rib (My Best Ever)    




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Thanks Bear!

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