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1st Brisket Flat

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Smoking a flat right now, roughly 7lbs. I am running my masterbuilt propane smoker at 240 degrees spot on with my digital probe. Smoking with hickory chips. Internal temp is running at 135 degrees after 2 hrs of smoke. Is that possible? I thought it would take much longer to get up to that temp. I plan on taking it to 205 and foil and cooler to rest until dinner tonight. I checked my meat probes with boiling water last night to make sure they are on so I know the probe is accurate. Thoughts anyone?
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It is possible... its only a flat so you should be fine. Don't forget, it will stall for a little while. Good luck!

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What temp does the stall usually happen around? 160?
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I'm smoking with you today. I got up at 4 and put a 10 pound packer on the pit with Hickory. It's supposed to be 80 today in southeast Texas so Christmas Eve dinner had to be brisket.
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