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#2 son and I have been busy this evening!

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Some may know that our youngest son is as big of a sausage making fan as me, for those that don't, this will tell you a bit.

#2, Spencer, got to our house Monday night with one thing on his mind, sausage!

He got a snack upon his arrival

Yesterday and this morning was spent with us deciding what we wanted to make while he was here. Family gatherings are going to take a lot of our time up, so we will be a bit pressed for time before he has to head back to school.

A delivery last night helped us a bit. Boykjo, sent me several spice mixes for several different sausage styles to try out. So, Spencer and I decided upon 2 of his for tonight, and 1 of ours.

On the sausage making menu tonight, was Sriracha snack sticks, teriyaki snack sticks, and breakfast sausage.

Not a lot of pics were taken, since we were alone while making, but I did manage to catch a few.

Spencer mixing. He swears that his arms will look like Popeyes when he leaves! I made him hand mix!

No pics of the finished breakfast sausage, but here's what we came up with for the sriracha sticks and teriyaki sticks.

All sticks in the smoker...

And finally, per my kid, Damn cats...
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Looks great!  I can't wait to see how it turns out.


Smoke ON!



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Those look amazing!

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Hey CB, that is so great. My son is here on Christmas break too!


The only thing he's done is consume food, no help making anything.


You got me thinkin now - what am I going to get him to help me with? hehe


It's great to see the kids grow up ain't it? Good times (mostly, lol!)


Have fun my friend and Merry Christmas to you and yours.


- John

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CB congrats he looks like he is ready to go back with 2 arms full. xmas_snowman.gif



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CB, Good looking sausage !

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Nice sausage and good times!

Points for the cat scat!
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Looks great so far CB WOW My boy (only one) is named Spencer also - great minds think alot alike LOL just my son only eats (14yrs) so maybe later in life I will get as lucky as you and he will want to help later one 


Very nice thread 


A full smoker is a happy smoker 


Merry Christmas to your family from mine cheers.gif



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Thanks all!

We finished up the sticks around midnight, hung them up, and then conked out! Long day!

Both sets of sticks cooling on the granite. The red ones are the sriracha flavored. I think we nailed it this time!

Teriyaki and sriracha sliced shots

Gonna be busy with family the next few days, so no sausage making until maybe Sunday.

We hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!

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Looks like you guys had a great sausage making session, CB and the results look great as well.


Thumbs Up

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They look great, CB! You're lucky to be able to spend quality time like that with your son. I hope there's enough left for him to take some back with him!
Merry Christmas to you and yours 😊

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