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smoking a 50 pound turkey

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Anyone have any idea how long I should smoke my 50 pound  turkey? Yes we have a 50 pound turkey (farm raised) I want to make sure its done in time for dinner on thursday at 5 or 6 pm today is wednesday

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That's a big bird. You need to get the internal temp from 40-140 in four hours or less. I would suggest cutting the bird in half or if it will fit, spatchcocking it. Time is going to depend on the temp of your smoker. A bird that big I wouldn't run the pit any lower than 325-350. Once again I wouldn't leave it whole.
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A 50 lb turkey! Birds that big are called DINOSAURS!
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No beer can here, that would be a kegger for sure.


Do as ds suggested or piece it out, then cook.



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Certainly do not try to cook it stuffed. If you are planning on cooking it whole make sure that both ends are fully open to allow the heat to flow inside the bird as well as the outside. 


Looking at a few 40-50 pound turkeys on YouTube they are not as big as I in initially imagined but if your oven is big enough to allow good air flow around the bird then it should not be a problem. 


I am with the other guys though - If I were cooking it I would take off the legs and wings to cook separately and cook the breasts as a crown.

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