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I just bought an AMPS and am looking for ways to use it in a mes 30 looking forward to using it Ive heard nothing but good things about it any info would be great Thanks Phil.

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Phil, morning..... First, dry the pellets so they will stay lit... wood absorbs moisture and can make your life miserable.... I dry my pellets before every smoke so I don't have to fight them.... I fill the tray with what I will use and place in my MES smoker at 275 for 2 hours.... that also sterilizes the smoker in the event bacteria has multiplied in it.....
Light per the instructions.... place below/left/right the heating source EXCEPT in a gas fired smoke... flame consumes smoke.....

It is best to use a mailbox mod of sorts so the pellets emit smoke uniformly...

Folks will say it is not necessary to dry the pellets... depends on your weather...
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