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Finally found me some...butcher paper!

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Pink butcher paper, to be exact.


Planning to smoke a brisket on Friday. This will be my maiden voyage with wrapping with butcher paper. 


Had to get it on Amazon. I tried to source something locally. Even the butcher shops that I talked to use "freezer paper" which is coated on one side with wax. Not so good for a wood burning smoker, I think. 


This 150 feet should last me a few briskets. I wish I had bought the 24" wide roll, but I'll make the 18" work. 


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JCB, I'm in !:popcorn

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I have been wrapping my briskets with butcher paper for a year and I like the results.

Still lets in some smoke and soaks up some rendered fat.


Keep us posted.


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I was able to find some locally at a paper/box/restaurant supply place.  But all they had was the 36". So I tear off enough for the size of the brisket, and then use the 36" width to "roll" up around it.  I also save the butcher paper that the briskets get wrapped in, wad it up and stick in a 5 gallon bucket with a lid, and use it to start my lump and logs in the fire box.

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I got a big roll from my local Sams which will probably last me many years. I like the results of wrapping my brisket in butcher paper.
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I bought the same roll from Amazon.  Pricey though, but will last me many years. 

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