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MES 30 Chip Tray?

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I just found that I am able to insert my chip tray in two positions?  Should the tray lay directly on the burner with the lower panel of the tray going under the crossbar and the burner??

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What is the other position where you think you can insert your chip tray ?


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I can slide the entire tray in above the crossbar that supports the smoking system?  I think the lower plate of the chip tray should slide in under the crossbar, allowing the tray to rest on the burner??  If I slide the whole tray in above the crossbar, the tray itself is 1/2" above the burner??  Mine will go in either way!!

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The lowet sheet is intended to be a buffering heat plate underneath the heating element. I have never had an issue interting it in any other way and didn't know it could, but anyway, you will want the pan itself directly above the heating element, and the other sheet directly below the heating element.

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