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New smoker / First smoke

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So I recently got stationed in Korea for a year and didn't bring my smoker because I didn't know if I was going to be in the dorms or living downtown.  I was lucky and got to move off base.  Searched high and low to find someone to ship me stuff to build a smoker but came up empty handed.  Ended up contacting Weber and they got me in touch with the only distributor in South Korea.  Took a road trip.  Picked up the 18.5 (only one they had), came home and assembled.  Fired her up, tossed in some pork blade steaks and the chicken is soaking in brine.  Hopefully it does as well as my UDS.



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Pork shoulder steaks pulled off the WSM @ 4 hrs and small 1.45kg Korean chicken tossed on.  I used a rub that the nice Korean store owner gave me.  It smells good, so I figured what the heck.  



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Looks good so far


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Thanks!  Just pulled the chicken off.  Could use more smoke flavor (using chips until I can get chunks). I know this is the pork area, but I kinda piggybacked off the original thread.  Last pic for this smoke


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Nice job earthquake.
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Love the WSM!  Nice smoke Earthquake.  :points: for that determination, and thank you for your service.



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Nice looking smoke EQ! Way to go to get the equipment.



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