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offset smoker lid

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Anybody cook anything on the smoker firebox lid of their offset smoker.  On the last smoke I put a grill temp gauge on the lid and it gets to around 200 degrees, was wondering if anybody cooks anything on there..I have put beans on the lid to warm up etc... but that's about it, thought about maybe doing some hot dogs on a long smoke early on, to hold me over for anyone recommend a good rack for that or something else to cook on

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Classic!!!! I have never thought of cooking on top my offset while smoking ,  maybe grill a burger ????? Or Pancakes if it is an early morning smoke ?

P.S Thankyou For Your Service My Daughter Married A Sub Man !!

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Thank you...LMAO...she married a bubblehead... I am most definitely not a submariner...the thought of serving on a boat DESIGNED to sink, didn't seem like a good idea to GOD love'm they are Navy and anyone who volunteered for that duty (and it is volunteered duty)  have my respect for sure.


Pancakes...hmmm...yea now we are talikng, bacon, eggs  all possibilities, thanks

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I have a 1/2 inch aluminum plate that I throw on mine. On an overnight smoke I'll cook bacon/sausage and eggs on it so I don't have to go in and wake folks up banging around in the kitchen. I've used it to warm flour tortillas and re-fried beans on long overnight smokes. Add some chopped smoked onions, jalapenos and ground beef to the beans with a cold beer.... gets you through the night. I don't know how I stay at 175 lbs. 

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