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Vacuum Tumblers

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I just ordered a Vac Tum from @TJohnson and decided to do some research on recipes and such.  I found a lot of chatter about these back in '12 & '13, but not much since then.  Did y'all get them and found out they didn't work?  Or do y'all like them so much you just assume everyone has one so you don't mention it any longer?


Thanks for you thoughts :-)

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I put one on my Christmas list...We will see. Any Marinade or Brine will work, just penetrates Faster in a tumbler. So any recipe that says, marinate over night will be done in 30 to 60 minutes depending on thickness. The only restriction is the size. Lots of the stuff posted here is either large size or quantity or all the meat needs is a basic rub and smoke to get the job done. I have seen some in the ten gallon range in restaurants and in one Butcher shop I took students to, they had a vac tumbler that could hold 500 pounds of meat. They used it to cure and tenderize Pork for Boneless Smoked Hams...JJ

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I guess we'll find out together:-)
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FloridaSteve, I bought one of these from Todd a when he first started selling them. I usually give it more time than they say just to make sure but it does pull the liquid brine's in faster than just leaving in the fridge.  Most of the time I will mix up the brine, add the meat then run full cycle a couple time then put in the fridge overnight.  Next morning tumble once or twice more while getting the smoker ready.  This lets me take a recipe that calls for meat to be in the brine for 24 hours down to around 10-12 hours.



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I too asked for one for Xmas and Santa must have listened. I wanted it mainly for making jerky but it does have a lot of other uses too. I haven't tried it out yet but when I do I'll try and remember to post it. 

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I really like mine. I use it for marinating all kinds of stuff. Word or caution it will remove the skin from chicken teen tumbling.

I also bought additional canisters from Todd. I found when doing different flavors of Jerky I needed them.
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