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Newbie question

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Hey guys. First post on here and first offset smoker (16" Horizon Classic). So I seasoned the inside of my smoker last night with veggie oil and cooked it for a few hours. Somehow, I have oil (at least that's what I think it is) splattered all over the outside of my firebox. I can't seem to get it off at all. Any suggestions?
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It will burn off with the first fire in the firebox, but might leave some marks on the metal. If that would be a problem for you, you can try cleaning the oil off. My go to product for removing grease or oil is Break Clean. It will clean up parts, hands, or Miss Linda's carpet if I forget to remove my boots.

Just a word of caution--it's HIGHLY flammable, so wash it off when you're done cleaning.

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Thanks Gary. I actually noticed it after my first fire in the firebox. I tried scrubbing it off after the metal cooled with just a rag and water but it's almost like a sticky glue substance. I can pick it off my my fingernail if I really scrub it.
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:welcome1:  To SMF glad to have you aboard. Just burn it off its going to look worst than that with some use. to help navigate around the sight go to Home page and read The article Initial Greeting it contains lot helpful info.

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