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First time butt in MEC 30

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Okay guys.  I've read threads, done the searches etc.   I'm doing a pork butt for a family gathering this Sunday at lunchtime.  I've read threads about stalling, the 40°-140°/four hour danger zone, foiling to "speed up" etc.  Having never done a butt I have a fear of it being lunchtime Sunday and I'm looking at a thermometer and IT stalled at 150° with a house full of people.  


So I'm thinking, should I put it on the night before and leave it to slow cook all night? Then foil in the morning, wrap in towels and put it in a cooler? What about if it stalls too long in the danger zone, I wouldn't know it if I'm sawing ZZZ's.  Then maybe I should put it on at 5:00 AM, at a higher temperature and hope by 1:00 it will be done? What temp should that be? I believe the upper limit for the MEC is around 270°.  


It's only about a 6.5 lb. butt, not very large, and we're doing pulled pork BBQ.


Anybody want to give me some advice to ease my fears? Maybe I'm overthinking this.

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A 6.5 lb butt at 270F will take roughly 7-8 hours to be done in the smoker.  Could be done sooner or a little later.   


There's nothing to add pressure to a cook/smoke like a houseful of hungry guests.   Give yourself a break and do it the day before, pull it apart after it has rested, adjust the flavor with more rub, drippings, and some sauce if necessary, then let it sit in the fridge overnight.  On Sunday you can warm it in the oven, on the stove, or in a slow cooker.   

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WNCG,  I agree with NB about doing it the day before, I've had fluctuations with PP due to the meat /temp etc. Some PP were done in 7-8 hours and some took 10 + for the same size pork butts. Don't forget a nice finishing sauce !

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Do it the day before, you can't trust the pig to get done on time,plus you are depending on an electric smoker.


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Good advice, I'll do it on Saturday and reheat. Thanks for the advice, sometimes the simplest answer is staring you right in the face! Thanks again!
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