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Turkey help

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So, it has been a while since I have done turkey so I need some help as I have only done breast in the past at lower temps. I have a 20 pounder I am going to be cooking for my family. Will let the bird brine for 24 hours or more prior to cooking.


I am cooking on a WSM and will be running hot. 300 degrees or a little higher. I am just looking for an average amount of time or pounds per hour. I will be monitoring temp with a probe and will of course pull it at temp and not solely by time. I am planning on giving myself 6-7 hours, but just looking for some reassurance and assistance. Thanks for the help!

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A completely thawed, unstuffed 20 lb'er at 300F chamber temp on the WSM should take around 4-5 hours.  Could be done sooner or just a little later, but not by much in either direction.


Don't be surprised if the chamber temp drops significantly with that much cold mass loaded.  It will recover though.  Just let the temp coast upward as the bird warms up. 

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Wow there is a lot of disagreement about a turkey that large. But at that high temp you may be safe. about four to 5 hours at that high temp will be close.

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Thank you, both!

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I concur. About 15 minutes a pound at 300-325. At these temps, there is no safety issue. I did 2-20 pound birds for Thanksgiving...JJ

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Thanks! I am looking forward to cooking it as well as all of the other meat I have planned for the holidays. 

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