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A few goodies

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 It's been busy around here with deer season still on and a couple tags to fill yet, but I did find some time for making some smoked goodness. First up is 20 pounds of Bearcarver's "Unstuffed Beef sticks" using venison and the Bear loaf recipe for a bit more spice. My first 10 pound batch went in 3 days. It got rave reviews from the family, even my wife who is not a big fan of smoked foods.

All formed and ready for the smoker.

Loaded up and ready.

Done and resting before packaging.

All bagged up.

Next up is Canadian Bacon [again with Bearcarver's method] for sandwiches and breakfast.
Cured, seasoned, and ready for some Pecan wood smoke.

First peek.


I also threw in 21 pounds of Boston Butt for pulled pork using Jeff's rub.

Perfect bark and falling apart.

As a side note, I did have some fun pranking my 6yo Granddaughter with the end trimmings from the snack sticks. They have a new puppy that isn't quite house broken and has a few accidents. One day I snuck a couple pieces on her bed, she saw them and showed me saying "Papa, Luna Pooped on the bed"and she would get some paper towels for me. I said "don't bother". The look on her face was priceless when I picked it up with my hand, smelled it, popped it in my mouth and ate it. I said "yep it's poop" and left the room with her sitting there with her mouth wide open wondering if I really ate Poop. Too funny

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That looks great Bears CB is a winner here.Thanks for sharing and the story is funny




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Great story and some great looking food. I'm going to try my hand at snack sticks this winter--hope they turn out as good as yours.

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