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Which amnps to get

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Just got my MES "30 electric smoker today.  Seen where the major problem is lack of smoke.  I'm wanting to get a secondary smoke device like the amnps.  Which one do I need, the tray type or the tube type??

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 Kirschman, the majority of owners with the 30" digital use the 5x8 AMNPS tray. If you have any questions you can PM Todd Johnson on this forum or contact him  at

And ask anything you want.



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Todd will be a great help. Know which generation you have. Gen 1 and 2.5 will work with the maze but gen 2 needs a tube. You can also do the mail box mod which works with all generations. Lastly, the maze does not breath well above 5000 Ft...JJ

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At best contact Todd also use search engine to get more info from actual users. 

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