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Bought a Tel Tru thermometer for my wrangler. It has 1/2 inch NPT adapter. The hole on the cook chamber appears to be 1/2 inch also but the thermo won't screw in. My son had the same issue on his wrangler. Anyone else have an issue installing a thermo and if so what was the fix.

Thanks, Smoke Om!
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Dang I don't have my drill referances at home, 1/2 NPT is based on 1/2" pipe which has an id of roughly 1/2 inch. The thread is based on the od of pipe ( usually between 3/4 and 7/8 inch). A quick google search shows the tap drill for 1/2 NPT is 23/32. You'll have to drill it out or get a 1/4 NPT to 1/2 NPT adaptor. In thin sheet metal you should be able to force thread it into a 23/32 hole as is without adaptor.

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I'm thinking I can go to the hardware store and get a short piece of 1/2 threaded pipe and force thread it. Maybe if it's just a bad thread job from Mexico that would fix it. If not I think I can drill out the threads insert the thermo and tighten it up with the threads and nut on the thermo. Anyone else got an idea?
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Being a Machinist I would drill it out and retap it with a 1/2 npt tap. But I know that's not going to work for people with out the proper tools. So if ur therm has a nut or if u can find one that will fit it I would drill the hole large enough so that the therm will just go in the hole and hoped it in place with the nut. Not hard to do easy fix. My.02 cents
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Perfect! Thanks
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You can "oversize" drill out the hole and add "threaded washers" to the therm.... they are available in the electrical dep't.....

They are called "conduit lock nuts"...

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Those work too
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My Old Country Over & Under had the same issue with one of the thermometer holes. I used a step bit to get it the next hole size & the thermometer fit thru just fine & the nut tightened it down with no issues. It didn't thread in like the other one did, but it's tight & there's no leaking around it. The conduit nuts mentioned previously work good too.
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