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Brisket help

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i have 2 9.5 LB brisket (I cut 2 larger  15lb down) and need to smoke them -the thicker ends. I am quite comfortable with the prep. My question is as I have only smoked brisket 1 at a time before-is how much additional time to smoke and should i increase temp? i always do the cooler method to finish. I have an electric smoker.

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Larger pieces in vertical smokers will baffle the heat getting to anything above it, so I've found it's best to rotate the grate positions every few hours (top to bottom) to even out cooking. Use the mid to upper grates as they generally are hotter with most verticals. A bit hotter chamber temp won't hurt, either, in order to compensate for rotating between grate positions.


I've had 3 grates in my Smoke Vault 24 covered with will keep you a little busy.




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