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Hello. I'm new to smoking meats, but not to cooking. I went to culinary school when I was 19 and have held every position you can think of in a restaurant from dishwasher to bartender, sous chef to manager. A couple of decades and a career change later I still cook, only it's for my family and not a restaurant full of strangers. About six months ago I started researching smokers and smoked foods in general. I eventually settled on an Oklahoma Joe Highland. Threw a couple of mods on it and fell in love with it. I also enjoy food experimentation. I developed a couple of tasty sauces (Kansas City and Piedmont based) and a variety of Hatch base chili powders. I'm a sucker for spicy foods. I primarily use pecan wood and can smoke a pretty good chicken, but my skills are lacking when it comes to pork and beef. Practice makes perfect I guess. Everything I know about smoking I've learned from this forum. I felt it was time to engage and say thank you for all the advice I've gleaned from the members over the past few months. Oh yeah, I live in Oklahoma City, OK.

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Welcome friend!! Ask and you shall receive on here. Tons of good input encouragement and advise . You'll have pork and beef mastered in no time I'm sure
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Welcome to the group!  Glad ya joined us.  



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